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Catchin’ Up with Carter- Artist Feature- Dj Stussii

Hey It’s Carter from the Catchin’ Up with Carter show. I love doing special show features such as local business, band, and solo artist features. So far I have had some great interview opportunities and I am super thankful. This feature,however, is different. The reason being that this Dj, DJ Stussii (Cesar Duarte) passed away expectantly on November 24th 2013 by a hit and run. I was lucky to have known Cesar for over 7 years and one thing we both shared a love for was- Music. All kinds of music. He was just building his huge fan base when he was taken from this earth. He mixed rap, r&b, hip-hop, drumNbass, edm, and other music all together to make some “sick” mixes. Cesar, his best friend Santi, and my self were in talks of working together to from an extremely successful dj company. A couple months prior to Cesar passing, he handed me a disc and said “check this out, I made a mix when I was jackin’ around… let me know what you think”. Well… I  instantly loved the mix ! Unfortunately, I had misplaced it until now and I felt I should upload it on the website for other friends/fans to enjoy. Rest In Peace Cesar Duarte – DJ Stussii

Please take an hour to listen to his incredible Dj abilities.

Here’s an excerpt from Cesar’s obituary

Cesar Leonel Duarte, 23 of Winnebago passed away November 24, 2013. Born on May 3, 1990 in Rockford, he was the son of Able and Gloria Duarte. Cesar was a “Solid Individual”, “One of a Kind”, who held traits that are rarely seen today. God takes the Best! He was loyal, fun loving, a true realist that enjoyed life to the fullest. He was a true example of what a man should be.



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