Catchin’ Up With Carter-Artist Feature- We Are Nexus

This is my first artist feature and an amazing one! We Are Nexus is on the brink of being on every magazine cover, radio station, in every head phone… just keep on the look out!  Be sure to check them out :


Carmen Rainier and Nick Gunn

Lyricist/vocalist Carmen Rainier provides the vocal edge and lead line melodies behind the Nexus sound.

Her music partner, producer/composer/engineer Nick Gunn, makes up the other half of this dynamic duo.



Nick Gunn comes from a highly successful career in world music,  having produced 14 albums which have sold over 2 million copies under the name Nicholas Gunn.  After his fifth album, Gunn started his own label, Gemini Sun Records, which was distributed by Warner Music Group/ADA, and represented over 75 like minded world music artists.

A chance encounter with Gunn three years ago was the stimulus for Carmen Rainier’s entrance into the music business.  Aside from writing and recording lyrics for (We Are) Nexus, Rainier is the business side of the duo, overseeing the maintenance of Gunn’s past catalog as well as the online propagation and marketing of everything Nexus.

Unlike many in this genre, neither Gunn nor Rainier come from a background of DJing in clubs.  “We are not DJs who decided to start composing songs and making music; we are recording artists producing our own original content.  For us and from where we come from, DJing is a performance method to get our sound out there for people to enjoy” says Gunn.


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