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Stone Blind ValentineEmily Hurd is a prolific Chicago-based songwriter, singer, and pianist. She is known for her ability to embody several realms within the pop singing spectrum, from delicate country lilting to full fledged belting.  Hurd’s music is best described as a mix of rock piano, soul singing, folk songwriting, and intelligent bluegrass rhyme schemes.

Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Hurd has been touring her native Midwest and both coasts of the U.S. for years. She has developed a no-excuses performance savvy; what you hear is what she is.  She is the quintessential indie national act, performing for growing pockets of loyal followers who revel in her clever rhymes and honest showmanship.  Her supporters in the Southeastern states have started an annual event called “Emilyfest,” providing Hurd and her band with an open barn down in a holler of rural North Carolina.

Her latest album was released with her band, Stone Blind Valentine.  SBV is her acoustic project with longtime Chicago musicians and friend Colby Maddox, and Gregg Ostrom.  The group treads on bluegrass while digging into rock and early American country. BURN LIKE A FIELD was recorded live at Chicago’s King Size Sound Labs. Like all good mountain music, SBV builds their tunes with strong singing, nature imagery, and a lot of twang, but their Chicago roots are unmistakable in BURN LIKE A FIELD.  SBV called on close friend John Abbey to produce and play upright bass on the album.

Her past discography includes: “Any Given Day, 2012,” “Long Lost Ghosts, 2012,” “Tins & Pins & Peppermints, 2010, “Daytime Fireflies,” 2010, “A Cache In The Warehouse Floor,” 2008, “Love In Flats,” 2007, “Barefoot Session,” 2006, “Potent One,” 2006, and “Lines,” 2005.





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