Innovative. Vigorous. Sincere. LUCREZIO offers a presence that, on the stage, is unforgettably stimulating with a lyrical passion that is emotionally engaging, and off stage, humanly genuine.

Home to the Chicago-land area, LUCREZIO carries their alternative style, intertwining both drive and ambience, through the powerful vocals and piano undertones of Jennifer Lucrezio, the alluring lead lines of guitarist, Jordan Bumgarner, the driving impact of the bass, and a unique rhythmic strength of the drums. The formation of Lucrezio took place when Jennifer moved her small-town, east coat aspirations to Lake Michigan’s bright city lights, and found musicians willing to take her humble creations and transform them into the high-energy yet captivating allure that they hold today.

With their newest release, Storybook, Lucrezio put out a project not only musically driving but lyrically piercing. Emoting not just a feeling of escape, but a movement of time. Storybook proved to be an album for both realists and dreamers, like any true story, and initiated a great response even leading up to its release. With the initial buzz set in place, Storybook has the potential to infiltrate the mid-west music scene, and beyond, as a playlist staple. Supported by a live show that brings the music to life, Lucrezio’s ability to create a moment, engaging the audience with its humanness, make this band unforgettable.

Ahead for Lucrezio is nothing shy of independent success. Their vigor and talent make up the combination needed to push forward in the vast array of self-promoting artists. As noted by Chicago television producer, Todd Hoffman, “Mainstream radio is dull and shallow and is turning us into zombies. If a few bands like this were getting some spins, [then] before you know it, people might care about music again.”

Lucrezio’s focused pursuit in the ever changing world of independent music is this: “If when we play the heart of the individual is touched, if we can speak words that resound with familiarity, if we can make people feel alive and drive them to search for more than what they know, then the music has spoken and we have done what we were born to do.”


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