Mana Kintorso- Sock Monkey Sound

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Damion Davis and Brent Shelton of the band Mana Kintorso join us on this episode of Sock Monkey Sound. They Started Mana Kintorso after having been in different bands as a 2 piece initially and eventually grew to the current lineup of Damion Davis-Vocals/Guitar, Brent Shelton-Guitar/Vocals, Corey Kuczynski-Bass, Jeff Werckle – drums. Often compared to a modern version of The Kinks, Dandy Warhols, Smashing Pumpkins, Neutral Milk Hotel, and other psychedelic indie rock bands, Mana Kintorso keep audiences curious for more. Their new album titled “All the Pretty Things” is being released on June 16 at their release show at Rockford’s Olympic Tavern and available on their website. Topics include their music histories, band name confusion, The Doors, ASCAP/BMI and small concert venues, and a bunch of other stuff.


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