Old School Radio Show – Ep. 8

This edition of the Old School Radio Show is a blast from the past. It goes back 43 years to replay many of the songs from the WRCR Campus Line 20+9 from November 15-21 music survey.


A few of the surveys from the Fall and Winter of 1969-70 survive thanks to Scott Monahan and are on the WRCR Alumni web site. <http://www.wrcr.radiohistory.net/WRCR%20Printed%20Items/music%20lists/index.html> And the audio promo for the survey that Mark Groth and Landis Buchman produced survives, too. <http://www.wrcr.radiohistory.net/WRCR%20Audio/WRCR%20miscellaneous/Sound%20Survey%20full.mp3> It’s part of the show.




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