The Sweep

(Host: Peter Berry)

Show Description: The Sweep is the most exciting college football show around. Broadcasting out of Rockford University campus, The Sweep is different from conventional boring radio shows where radio host sit back and dialogue about topics in College Football. Bringing a southern drawl to radio, The Sweep makes its listeners feel as if they are sitting down at the bar, or local barbershop debating sports. Hosted by the Florida Boys, the sweep is guaranteed to make you laugh, and engage in the hottest topics in college football.

About Peter: A die hard college football fan; Peter Berry is a senior majoring in Sport Management here at Rockford University where he also played two season as the starting running back for the Regents. Peter has always had a love for football, and it wasn’t until recently he decided to take that love to the radio. “I grew up in Florida around family that did nothing but play and watch sports. I can remember being very young, and listening to my older cousins and uncles argue over sports. When I was around the age of 5 or 6, I remember everyone being at my grandma’s house watching the FSU vs UF rivalry. From that day on I was a fan.”

(Tremaine Berry)

About Tremaine: Tremaine Berry is a senior at Rockford University majoring in Sports Management. Tremaine Berry played Football here at Rockford for two years where he was named a 2016 USA College Football First Team All-American, as well as First Team All-Conference his junior and senior year. Tremaine always had a love for football and the radio show is something he takes pride in. “Growing up a Florida Gator fan and with my brother Peter growing up a Florida State fan we always had a Rivalry going on since I was six. Nothing felt better than talking about football and it made my love for the game grow.”

(Jamal Ray)

About Jamal: Jamaal Ray is a junior at Rockford University majoring in sports management. After college Jamaal has a goal of being a recruiting coordinator for a college program. At Rockford University, Jamaal was a member of the football team where he played offensive line. He has also developed a passion for being on the radio while being part of The Sweep. Jamaal is a die hard Oklahoma state fan and enjoys every moment of college football. Jamaal told us “As a Oklahoma State fan i’ts tough because they are always looked down upon because of the conference they play in but the best feeling is seeing them prove doubters wrong”.

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