Zach Draves and Tony Burgess of the Regent Reporter
Michael Whyte of Anything Goes
Geoff and Steve broadcasting the football game
E. Nelson Richards - Host of Jazz Over Easy
Steve Swinehart - Sports Broadcaster
Tony Burgess, Steve Swinehart, Tim Caudel, & Vince - Broadcasting Basketball
Geoff and Steve - Football Broadcasters
Geoff Carter - Catching Up With Carter
Regent Reporter
April and Shayna - The Nurses
Chris Wachowiak - Getting Down to Business
Bridget and Monica - It's a Great Day in Rockford
Vince and Matt - Faculty Focus
WRCR and RCR Staff
Vince - Rockford Originals
Staff members - Allyson, Tracey & Shayna
Ross and Brian - WRCR Old School Radio Show
Glenn Moss, Vince, Cece, & Bern
Vince & Bern Sundstedt - The Rolling R
Glenn Moss - Old School Radio Show
Glenn Moss
Bridget & Monica
Bridget & Monica
Vic Monsta - Beats Boombap and Beyond

Radio Staff