Rick Nielsen


Last week I had a great time at the Rick’s Picks Exhibit at the Burpee Museum in Rockford, Illinois. I was allowed to go on a media tour of the exhibit before the grand opening with Rick Nielsen giving a tour. It was very cool to have the man himself talking about his experiences and showing us all of his memorabilia. If you are from Rockford, this is an exhibit you have to see. And even if you are not from Rockford, get here before it’s too late. The exhibit will run until next April.

In this episode of Rockford Originals, I explain the exhibit and incorporate bits of audio that I recorded of Rick talking about some of the parts of the exhibit. While some of the audio is hard to hear in parts because of some last minute construction, please listen! This is Rick candidly talking about his life and personal possessions. At the end of the episode, I have a short interview with Rick and we talk about Rockford College, Rockford Originals, and other stuff. This is a great podcast, so make sure to listen!

Look at the pictures I took at the exhibit!!


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