Rockford College Radio- Sponsor- Kiti Kiti

Rockford College Radio awesome shows and has amazing followers, but this station wouldn’t be running with out the incredible help of the super sponsors we have! Here is our latest sponsor, Kiti Kiti…

Designed for minor scalp irritations caused by fungus and hair bumps, Kitikiti Scalp and Skin Treatment is scientifically formulated to help control scalp irritations caused by fungi such as Eczema, Psorlasis and Seborrhea. Dandruff, and hair bumps are also treated and prevented by using KitiKiti products.
In Swahili KitiKiti means “game or play.” In Sotho it means “to run or to trot.” In Zimbabwe, it is a very popular sir name – but the Piquatte Indians translated this word to mean “The Cure.”
This product contains a special blend of ingredients that retard the thinning of hair caused by harsh chemicals, while controlling “under-hair” flaking in the scalp, eyebrows, the beard and mustache.

Kiti Kiti- means the cure!

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