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La HistoriaAfter months of writing songs in a small town hardware store, just outside of Rockford Illinois, La Historia began playing shows regionally and recording with Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago. The band members have all played in a variety of bands, including The Braves and Gods Reflex, over the last fifteen years—sometimes together. They couldn’t resist the chance to continue creating electric, Midwestern guitar-rock. Now, enthusiastic to be making music together again, the members of La Historia spend time writing music and discussing/listening to the records that made them want to do so in the first place.Although their influences are numerous, La Historia manages to filter the inspiration through an atypical lens that is both competent and consistent. The band is more likely to draw influences from the underdog, guitar-based bands from the ‘80s and ‘90s that have kept their attention for the past 20 years than anything from classic or modern rock eras. The band employs a somewhat familiar wealth of sounds in their music, balancing roaring and chiming guitar parts, fuzzy bass tones, and nuanced drumming, but avoid sounding too nostalgic or derivative. La Historia’s intersecting guitar-lines, thoughtful, pronounced drums, sturdy bass lines, and commanding yet emotive vocals are the product of four friends who love to listen to one another just as much as they love listening to their favorite bands.

La Historia’s debut release  is now available to purchase:

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