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Many people say succeeding in music is a long shot. Well, that can be true if you don’t work hard and have a great product and talent. Two twin brothers, Brad and Dustin Long, created a three-piece acoustic band, and with a play on words and their name, called themselves Long-shot.


Dustin (drums) and Brad (guitar, vocals and harmonica) joined their friend Darrin Corirossi (bass) and decided to create this band and join the Rockford music community. They grew up in Rockford, and the three have been playing music together since they were children. They recently got back together in 2009 after a long break to show this town their chops.


Long-shot plays original music that ranges from blues, rock ’n’ roll, outlaw country and Americana. Brad definitely has a great style and voice for what he sings.


They have just completed their first album, consisting of 13 original Long-shot songs. Brad writes the lyrics and collaborates with Dustin Darrin on structure and details. Their album is great, and you definitely should support this local band. You can purchase their newly-released album CD at Culture Shock, JustGoods or at their next show.


A typical Long-shot show is three one-hour sets consisting of about 80 percent originals. Don’t let this small band fool you. They have a full sound that will get you up off your seat. These guys are fun to watch work together!


Long-shot has played places like Mary’s Market at Edgebrook, Brewsky’s, and many more local establishments. The band will be performing live at Kryptonite Bar at 10 p.m., July 5, opening the night for up for international touring band The Dunwells. Long-shot will also be performing at JustGoods Sept. 13 and Rockford City Market Sept. 27.



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