Rockford Originals – Ron Rawhoof

ronrawhoofRon E. Rawhoof is an original singer songwriter who grew to musical maturity in Rockford, Illinois, a sprawling city with a storied industrial past, snug in the middle of three great Midwestern musical lights: Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison.  His music radiates this geography, blending as it does elements of traditional folk, finger-style blues, and confessional narrative.  Rawhoof’s songs bring into conversation the voices of traditional narrative folk—a line traceable from Dan Fogelberg, to James Taylor and Jackson Browne—and more contemporary improvisational folk artists such as Kelly Joe Phelps and Peter Mulvey.  Arresting listeners with his smooth-as-butter guitar work and impeccable timing and delivery, Rawhoof wins over audiences with good-humored charm, a winking self-effacement refreshing to those weary of the self-possession (obsession) so indicative of contemporary solo performers.

Rawhoof incorporates into his song melodies signature licks out of New-Orleans Jazz and traditional folk, adding a vocal delivery that manages to suggest the wizened throatiness of John Hiatt, and perhaps even Leonard Cohen, but keeps from straining those references with a gentle, self-aware quality reminiscent of Fogelberg and James Taylor.  His songs—which one suspects could be, and perhaps shall one way or another be sung forever—tell unpretentious stories.  They are at turns painfully sad, poignant, racy and funny, and sometimes bittersweet.  Collectively, Rawhoof’s songs reach out to a range of moods found in any full human life; individually, his songs coax listeners inward, to places only they know to go.

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