Scott Clark Music Picks – 8/28/12

Hey, this is Scott Clark from The Hollywood Outsider Podcast. Here’s what’s been on my music queue:

Artist: Coheed and Cambria (favorite artist of all time). Been listening to all albums
Specific Songs:

  1. “No World For Tomorrow”:
  2. “Welcome Home”:
  3. “Made Out of Nothing”:
  4. “The Road and the Damned”:

Artist: Karnivool
Album: Themata
Specific Song (although I’ve been listening to the entire album):

“Cote” (

Artist: Foxy Shazam
Albums: “Foxy Shazam” and “The Church of Rock as Roll”
Specific Songs:

  1. “I Like It”:
  2. “Count Me Out”:
  3. “Oh Lord”:
  4. “The Streets”:


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