The Hollywood Outsider – Ep. 61

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Another great episode of The HO as we look at upcoming releases Taken 2, Frankenweenie and Pitch Perfect; reviews of House at the End of the Street and Dredd 3D; new trailers Promised Land and Stand Up Guys; and our From the Outside In topic this week: What can Hollywood do to start scaring us again?

As always, we also bring you the latest in movie & TV news (What movie has the Vatican all in a bunch; new movies for The Rock and Tom Hardy, FOX greenlights The Strain; and much more); Justin tries to Stump the HO’s; Aaron takes ‘What’s This Movie’ clip, if you can guess it, you get a chance to win an IMAHO t-shirt; and Brian offers up this week’s Flashback DVD.

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Be sure to come back next week for our take on Looper, we’ll talk about some of the new TV shows to hit, a new topic and more on the next Hollywood Outsider!


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