The Hollywood Outsider – Ep. 70

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Reviews of Red Dawn and Life of Pi; discussing upcoming films Deadfall and Playing For Keeps; Brian’s Trailer Park looks at Dark Skies and Snitch; and our From the Outside In topic this week: What Christmas Movies, TV Specials or Traditions Do We Just Not Understand – A lot of fun this week on a brand new HO!

As always, we also bring you the latest in movie & TV news (X-Men First Class 2 gets some return players; The 2 and a half man kids’ meltdown; Waterworld…the series; of course we’re forced to address that pesky Batman / Justice League rumor; and much more); A listener tries to stump you with his ‘What’s This Movie’ clip and another tries to Stump us with a Stump the HO question; Aaron offers up his Flashback DVD and it’s Scott’s turn to Recast A Classic with Grease.

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