Andy & Reggie’s Songs About Stuff & Things

Reggie is Andy’s Agent and a lifelong Tuesday night bowling partner.  They met in 1981 when Reggie – a life long train hopper at that point– made a stop in Rockford, IL, to take a nap in a cardboard box he spotted near the trainline.  After 3 nights of sleep, rest and relaxation, Reggie attempted to hop a train out of town, but as coincidence would have it, the train stopped showing up.  Reggie returned to his warm box to find Andy taking shelter.

They argued for hours as to who owned the box, before settling on a bowling bet.  The two men took the bus to the Cherry Lanes Bowling Alley near the Cherry Vale Mall on the outskirts of town.  They drank pitchers of cheap light beer, caroused with the bowling waitresses, and ate nachos.  The end of the night’s competition welcomed in no obvious winner.  They had forgotten their bet and became lifelong friends, exchanging thoughts on music, cardboard boxes, and Tuesday night bowling-alley babes.

Reggie has been waiting for a train out of Rockford, IL for a very long time.   In the meantime he has taken up the interests in managing Andy’s business affairs, or lack thereof.   Both hosts enjoy their friends and family but will have no issues leaving them behind if a real, non-fictional, professionally endorsed paycheck is endorsed in their birth names to help lead them to fair-rights opportunities that are loaded in temporary financial security, the promise of decent wages to assist with family stability. Decent health insurance would be a blessing too- for once in this lifetime, just once.  Together they fear that these expectations are unreal, so they started a radio show about stuff and things instead.

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Songs About Stuff And Things