Getting Down To Business


Date & Time:  LIVE: Wednesday @ 2pm   REPLAY: Thurs @ 1pm

Bio: I have worn many hats in my life, and learned much about myself in my travels and work. My expertise has been marketing and promotions, but also knowing that there is always room for improvement. I try to embrace the motto of leading by serving, in life and in business.

I have owned and operated a live music nightclub called Kryptonite for the past 10 years. I built this business from the ground up, rehabbing the building and creating one of the state-line’s premiere live music venues. At the age of 25 I built this business from the ground up, playing the role of Entrepreneur, marketing department, human resources, event planning, sales, promotions, accountant, manager, and leader. I really pushed myself 2 years ago when I moved out to California to become the Director of Sales for a Record Label in Malibu. I successfully oversaw the operations of this business from 2,000 miles away along with working a full time job in California.

My expertise lies in Leadership, Marketing, Promotions, and Entrepreneurship. My goal is to utilize my unique abilities to create a difference and find a way to let my passion prevail. My passion lies in music, and entertaining along with motivating and leading others…

Entrepreneurship runs in my veins like blood does for most. I believe in specializing and fine tuning in what you do best, and my best involves marketing, promotion, start-ups and growth while limiting the risks involved in a well planned and calculated manner.


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Getting Down To Business