Rockford Originals – Vince Chiarelli Sr.

Vincent Chiarelli, a Sicilian immigrant, arrived in America in 1955.  Vince was a musician, but also a Master Tailor, and was known as “The Singing Tailor.”  After becoming a success with his tailoring business “Vince the Tailor,” he decided to continue to pursue his dream of music, while also incorporating his natural entrepreneurial skills. In 1967 he created Vincent Records, and was one of the only record labels located in Rockford, IL. In conjunction with the record label, Vince also started his own music publishing company called Vincent Chiarelli Publishing Company.

Throughout the life of Vincent Records, Vince discovered a lot of talent in the Northern Illinois area. While Vince himself did promote his ethnic and standard/ballad music, he also delved into the genres of country, rock, funk, soul & psychedelic. Under his label he released many 45RPM records with artists such as, Joey Irving, Pisces, Harriette Blake, Russ Blackwell & many more. Vince also published many artists who were then signed to other record labels.

Vince Chiarelli worked very hard throughout his life to try to affect the lives of others with music. His music and the music of others from Rockford and Northern Illinois were spread around the world through the distribution of Vincent Records. To this day people enjoy listening to a lot of this music released through Vincent Records.

“By standards of the music industry, Vince Chiarelli never achieved the “success” of worldwide fame or became a household name like many dream of. What he has accomplished is something that the vast majority of them didn’t. While most of these celebrities’ flame goes out, Vince the Singing Tailor lit many torches.”  – OUR CITY, OUR STORY

The Torchlighter from Our City, Our Story on Vimeo.

Vince Chiarelli’s album “Here Again” can be found on iTunes and Amazon!

Here Again - Vince Chiarelli

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